Utilization of Besan Flour in the Indian Dishes

Undoubtedly, one of the most commonly used ingredients in the Indian kitchen is Besan flour. It is a powder prepared by mincing the Chana Dal and it has a pleasant nutty taste. The besan is a premier condiment in the cuisines of South Asians. The besan flour is yellow in color and is considered as a vigorous and versatile substitute to high-carbohydrate wheat flour. Some of the most renowned besan flour recipes are stated below:

  • Rajasthani Gatta Curry: It is a very trendy Rajasthani vegetarian dish prepared from besan atta (chickpea flour). This dish tastes remarkably good and can be consumed with different types of bread such as roti, chapatti, paratha or puri. 
  • Besan Ladoo: These are the affluent and sweet dessert-snack made from the lightly baked besan flour and sweetened with sugar. Besan ladoos can be dished up at any time of the day. Usually, in the Indian families, ladoos and barfis are served as cookies especially during the festival season.
  • Boondi: It is an Indian snack prepared from chickpea flour. It has two different flavors sweet and salty.
  • Kadi Pakoda: It is a very well known dish from the Punjabi cuisine where pakodas are made and cooked spicy with thickened besan flour.  

Maida Manufactures

P Mark is widely accredited as the most excellent Maida manufacturers in India. Before manufacturing, they make certain that the selected whole wheat are of very high quality and are packed by taking into account the hygienic conditions. The manufacturing procedure is certified for health safety standards as stated by ISO 22000-2005 norms. 


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