A flour mill in India that will meet your expectations

With a growing number of FMCG brands, there is an influx of ready to eat food products in the market. Not many consumers are aware of the benefits of eating fresh food for a healthy body.  Pmark offers high-quality flour for hundreds of households across the country and ensures that every consumer chooses healthy and nutritious flour for daily consumption. The flour mill in India caters to millions of consumers and ensures that the products have passed through a strict quality check and only dispatched thereafter. Its products are available in various stores in the country and also available online.

The flour mill follows a strict procedure of production which begins with the procurement of high-quality wheat. The skilled team ensures that only the best wheat is chosen for further processing. The pre refining and refining process are carried on state of the art machinery and only after a thorough quality check; the flour is packed for dispatch. P Mark follows ethics and every member of the team ensures that the consumers are satisfied with their products. Considered as the finest flour mill in Jammu, the flour mill has a reputation of offering the right mix of products which are suitable for health conscious individuals. It is certified by the food and safety authority and adheres to the standards set by the Board. With an experience of more than four decades, the flour mill is a renowned and reliable name in the industry. 


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