A flour mill that guarantees only the best quality

Considering the increasing awareness of health and wellbeing amongst consumers across the country, it has become important for brands to cater to their requirements. Consumers prefer fresh and nutritious products as compared to off the shelf products. Wheat is a staple diet in India and it is important to ensure that you choose only the finest quality of wheat for your daily intake. A flour mill inIndia has carved a niche for itself and offers only the best quality products to the consumers. A household name, P Mark caters to millions of consumers in the country and is committed towards quality. The flour mill has achieved magnificent success in the past eighty years and has beaten stiff competition.

Committed to ethics, the flour mill ensures that only the finest quality of wheat is chosen for further processing and the same is packed with care in order to avoid human contamination. With the advent of technology, the flour mill in Jammu adopted the latest machinery and tools that increased the production and enabled them to reach out to a larger audience. Right from the procurement of wheat to pre refining and refining, the entire procedure is supervised by a skilled team. There is a final quality check before the products are packed and dispatched. Consumers can choose from a wide range of products. Their products are fresh, pure and nutritious. The flour is easy to digest and is suitable for regular consumption for all age groups.


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