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The Growing Importance of Flour Milling Industry

The flour milling industry is quite vibrant and uses advanced technology with conventional techniques to manufacture a variety of flour. The Flour milling industry in Himachal and several other parts of the country like Punjab and Jammu has somewhat sustained its quality even when there is a downside in the market. Milling is a process through which various different things like rice, wheat, corn, maize, etc are grounded into flour. During this process, the grain is separated from the constituent parts. Flour is extremely nourishing and is used as a multipurpose product. It contains a considerable amount of minerals and vitamins in it. Usually, flour is prepared by pulverizing the chickpeas. Flour is an essential element used in the Indian cuisine.
Flour is a powder that is made by grinding uncooked cereal grains or other seeds. The English word flour is originally a variant of the word flower. Flour contains a high amount of starch. There are a number of flours used in the cooking …