P Mark-a household name in the country

A flour mill in India has been offering the finest quality of flour to the country for many decades. It has carved a niche for itself in the industry and is considered as a renowned name. Catering to millions of consumers in India, the flour mill offers a wide range of products that are fresh, pure and nutritious. Pmark has become a household name due to the quality of its flour; it has maintained consistency over many years and leaves no scope for compromise. P Mark is committed to its ethics and offers only the best quality. The affordable product range is available online and across retail stores in the country.
Keeping the consumers at the forefront, the flour mill in Jammu has innovated over the years and has adopted the latest tools and technology which help them achieve higher production. The skilled team at P Mark maintains strict supervision and quality check throughout the process of production. The packaging and dispatch is also carried out with the use of technology in ord…

The importance of eating refined flour

In olden days our ancestors used stones to grind wheat into flour. This was a time-consuming process which required a lot of efforts and patience. However, with innovation and advances in technology, it has now become possible to grind wheat into refined flour within minutes. No individual has the time to use stones to produce flour. With increasing number of nuclear families in the country, the requirement of flour per household has also gone down. This is the reason why consumers choose to purchase products off the shelf instead of grinding flour at home. With a number of products to choose from, consumers can easily buy flour that is ready to eat. Eating refined flour has a number of benefits on the human body. It is easy to digest and reduces the chances of heart troubles. It also reduces the chances of type II diabetes and is high in fiber which is essential for human body.

When choosing flour for regular consumption, it is important to pay attention to the quality. There are a nu…

PMark-The most reliable flour mill in India

Gone are the days when traditional stone mills were used to grind flour.People used to choose high quality grain and grind it using heavy stones. No longer do individuals have the time to process the wheat at home and are now choosing to purchase ready made flour from renowned flour mills in the country. Pmark is one of the most reliable and sought after flour mill in India. Having catered to millions of households in the country, the flour mill is committed to quality and ethics. The finest flour mill chooses selected variety of whole wheat to make flour that is untouched by human hand. The flour is available in variety of packaging and can be purchased online and through retail stores. There has been a significant transition in the processing of the flour which has been led by Pmark, the flour mill in Jammu.
Pmark has adopted the latest technology in order to improve the quality of flour and to meet the mass demand. With a skilled team leading the flour mill, Pmark has beaten stiff …

Maintain your health with the best food products

For better health in the long run, you need to be aware about the food you consume today. What you eat today will have a strong impact on your health and wellbeing in the future. With a number of flour options available in the market, it could get confusing for you to choose the one which is suitable for your body. A flour mill in Indiaoffers the best quality flour available in the country and helps maintain the best health of every consumer. With a wide product offering, it is easier to make your choice from the fresh and nutritious flour. A household name, P Markhas catered to a number of consumers in the last eighty years.
Pmark has significantly grown over time and met the changing requirements of the consumers with the adoption of state of the art machinery. The flour mill in Jammu offers the best quality and most hygienic products which are suitable for regular consumption. The skilled technical team ensures high quality and leaves no scope for compromise. Every product is thorou…

A flour mill in India that has a capacity to serve 30 million people a day

High quality products require commitment and dedication. When it comes to food products, it is important to choose nothing but the best quality for daily consumption. Aflour mill in Jammuoffers exceptional quality and is considered as the most sought after company in the country. With a wide range of products to choose from, consumers can make health conscious decisions. Having a capacity to serve more than 30 million people each day, P Markhas made a mark in the industry with an experience of more than 80 years.
Using the best international practices of procurement, processing and packaging, the flour mill serves superior quality flour products at an affordable rate. Driven by strong values and committed to ethics, the skilled team maintains strict supervision throughout every process. The flour mill in India recognizes the necessity to change with the development in technology and has adopted state of the art machinery for the production process. In order to avoid human contaminatio…

A flour mill that guarantees only the best quality

Considering the increasing awareness of health and wellbeing amongst consumers across the country, it has become important for brands to cater to their requirements. Consumers prefer fresh and nutritious products as compared to off the shelf products. Wheat is a staple diet in India and it is important to ensure that you choose only the finest quality of wheat for your daily intake. A flour mill inIndiahas carved a niche for itself and offers only the best quality products to the consumers. A household name, P Markcaters to millions of consumers in the country and is committed towards quality. The flour mill has achieved magnificent success in the past eighty years and has beaten stiff competition.
Committed to ethics, the flour mill ensures that only the finest quality of wheat is chosen for further processing and the same is packed with care in order to avoid human contamination. With the advent of technology, the flour mill in Jammu adopted the latest machinery and tools that incre…

A flour mill in India that will meet your expectations

With a growing number of FMCG brands, there is an influx of ready to eat food products in the market. Not many consumers are aware of the benefits of eating fresh food for a healthy body.  Pmark offers high-quality flour for hundreds of households across the country and ensures that every consumer chooses healthy and nutritious flour for daily consumption. The flour mill in Indiacaters to millions of consumers and ensures that the products have passed through a strict quality check and only dispatched thereafter. Its products are available in various stores in the country and also available online.

The flour mill follows a strict procedure of production which begins with the procurement of high-quality wheat. The skilled team ensures that only the best wheat is chosen for further processing. The pre refining and refining process are carried on state of the art machinery and only after a thorough quality check; the flour is packed for dispatch. P Markfollows ethics and every member of …