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Become Acquainted With the History of P Mark

Producing quality food products isn’t everyone’s cup of tea since it demands an unwavering dedication at every level of operation. As the customer expectations keep on changing, it is essential that you learn new facts, put into practice the modern techniques and install the sophisticated and productive machinery. In order to satisfy the consumers to the fullest, P Mark has led the change in many aspects of the flour milling industry in India – particularly in procurement, technology adoption and distribution systems.
Consistent changes are something that is very crucial to flourishing in any type of business. P Mark with the constant transformation and strong set of shared values has managed to endure and strengthen over the years. All these principles were infused into P Mark’s culture by the late ShriDevidasPuriJi, the gentleman who set up an oil mill and a flour mill at Moga, a small town in Punjab way back in 1933.In the pre-independent India, carrying out businesses was quite diff…