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Maida Flour and its Manufacturing Process

Cereals and grains have been part of our daily diet for thousands of years. Wheat is such a cereal grain from which wheat flour is made. India alone consumed 95100000 MT of wheat flour in 2016.
All-purpose flour also popularly called ‘Maida’ in Hindi is carefully milled refined wheat flour without any wheat bran. Maida flour is used widely to make the delicious bakery items and fast food, such as pastries and bread. Many conventional Indian categories of bread, for instance; paratha, kulcha, naan, and tandoori roti are made using maida.

The maida manufacturing
Maida was made by crushing grains, undoubtedly the first equipment used for this purpose was pestle and mortar. The mortar was no more than a natural basin in a rock and the pestle was merely a stone selected because of its naturally suitable shape and size for use with the mortar. Today in the modern era it's made using Roller Mills. (Please see picture below).

There exist a lot of maida manufacturers in India; P Mark is on…