Understanding the Nutritional Facts and Health Prosperity of Besan Flour

Besan Flour, also sometimes called as gram flour, garbanzo bean flour  or chickpea flour is prepared by grinding chickpeas or sometimes called Bengal gram. In India, people use a specific type of chickpea termed as Chana Dal. Besan flour is light in colour and an integral part of Indian cuisine, consumed to make Dhokla, Pakoras, Boondi, Laddus and many more dishes. As per the India Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Besan is rated as the one of the most commonly used flour in the Indian kitchens. If you have the desire to avoid gluten or are looking to manage your weight, then Besan flour should be considered as a healthy and alternate to high-carbohydrate wheat flour.
Nutritional Content (Per 100 gram)

Protein Constituents
22 gram
Fat Constituents
6.7 gram
Quantity of Sodium
64 mg
Quantity of Fiber
11 gram
Energy Measure
387 Kcal
Presence of Vitamin A
41 IU
                   Presence of Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
0.486 mg
Presence Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin)
0.06 mg
Amount of Iron
4.86 mg
Amount of Calcium
45 mg

Besan Manufacturer in Jammu: P Mark is a highly credible and proved brand all across the India. Their Besan is manufactured after taking up the best quality grain available in the market. Prior to going for rigorous testing in the lab for nutrition and other quality parameters, the grains are cleaned and sorted using a sophisticated machine called Sortex.

The Besan supplier in Jammu : P Mark ensures that there are no defects or impurities present in the final product. This is enforced by following all FSSC 22000 norms and  giving  the health and safety training to all individuals participating in the production of the plant. Furthermore to maintain topmost hygiene and sanitization the final product is packed by using fully automatic machines called VFFS machines. This ensures that there is no contact with human hands or any outside source before packing.  This eliminates any possibility of contamination from any source.


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