PMark-The most reliable flour mill in India

Gone are the days when traditional stone mills were used to grind flour.  People used to choose high quality grain and grind it using heavy stones. No longer do individuals have the time to process the wheat at home and are now choosing to purchase ready made flour from renowned flour mills in the country. Pmark is one of the most reliable and sought after flour mill in India. Having catered to millions of households in the country, the flour mill is committed to quality and ethics. The finest flour mill chooses selected variety of whole wheat to make flour that is untouched by human hand. The flour is available in variety of packaging and can be purchased online and through retail stores. There has been a significant transition in the processing of the flour which has been led by Pmark, the flour mill in Jammu.

Pmark has adopted the latest technology in order to improve the quality of flour and to meet the mass demand. With a skilled team leading the flour mill, Pmark has beaten stiff competition and is one of the most sought after flour mills in the country. It has an extensive product range that is pure, fresh and nutritious. With a hygienic and clean processing environment, the flour mill meets the standards of regulatory authorities and caters to millions of consumers in the country. It is one of the top wheat flour mills in India and is highly trusted by consumers.


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